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HGT Gyratory Crusher

With the super-high crushing capability, super-heavy frame, integral forged main shaft with big diameter and high performance bearings, HGT Gyratory Crusher has longer service life and more stable and safe operation.

Raw Materials:

Granite, basalt, diabase, limestone, dolomite, iron ore, manganese ore, gold ore, copper ore, etc.


Mining, smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries and so on.


The CSS of HGT Gyratory Crusher can be adjusted by the hydraulic device. Plus there is a sensor can monitor the main shaft’s ,position so that clients can know the exact position of the main shaft and also the wearing status of the liner only through the touching screen. The effective sealing system and the positive pressure blower can protect the eccentric device and driving device from thedust and extend the service life of bearings. There are the automatic heating, cooling and recycling system of the lubrication, automatic position control system of the main shaft and the external adjusting device of the gears interval. Also the fault diagnosis function of the touching screen is helpful for the operators to find the real causes and suitable solutions.
product introduction

Product Advantages

  • 01

    Easy Operation and Maintenance

    • HGT has lubrication system that can lubricate, heat up, cool and circulate automatically.
  • 02

    Intense and Continuous Operation

    • Super-heavy frame, integral forged main shaft with big diameter and high-quality bearings.
  • 03

    High-Capacity and Low Costs

    • HGT crushing cavity design ensures bigger input size and longer liner service life.
  • 04

    Heavy-Duty Main Shaft Design

    • Integral forged main shaft, nut thread located on replaceable alloy protection sleeve, robustness increased.

Product Specification

Model Feeding opening(mm) 最大功率(KW) 140(mm) 150(mm) 165(mm) 175(mm) 190(mm) 200(mm) 215(mm) 230(mm) 240(mm) 250(mm)
HGT4265 1065 400 2015 2340 2520 2875 - - - - - -
HGT5065 1270 400 - 2400 2785 2940 - - - - - -
HGT5475 1370 450 - 2890 2990 3150 3340 3490 - - - -
HGT6275 1575 450 - 2895 3620 3820 4210 4335 - - - -
HGT6089 1525 630 - - 4200 4545 5085 5300 5535 5810 - -
HGT60110 1525 1250 - - - 5540 6950 7340 7575 8285 8600 8895
The above processing capacity is based on the following assumptions: 100% of the feed passes through 80% of the feed port width, 80% passes through 60% of the feed port width, and 50% passes through 10% of the sieve without the maximum feed block size. These capacity values are applicable to materials with loose density of 1.6t/m3. All capacity values are calculated at the maximum eccentricity of each equipment. All capabilities depend on different applications. The factors considered in determining the total crushing capacity include: logistics characteristics, feed particle size, material distribution, work index, water content and feeding method. Please consult Vipeak to determine your handling requirements.

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