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Strive to be the Database in Mining Industry


VIPEAK Explore Internet +Big Data+ Artificial Intelligence-Strive to be the Database in Mining Machinery Industry. With the opening of the industrial revolution 4.0, the Internet tide irresistibly affects all industries. Thus, the one in traditional manufacturing industry that can comprehend this and put into practice to change and transform in a short time will become the new industry standard makers and pacemaker.

By drawing from numerous operations management experience and mining machinery industry current situation,  VIPEAK will accomplish transformation in sales data analysis and service system on the three factors of internet, big data and artificial intelligence.
The successful marketing shall take the following into consideration. First, if the equipments meet different area and industry's customer’s requirement, and create value for them, and then is the purchasing behavior. Therefore, by market and industry segmentation, we can suggest the suitable equipment and visual profit demonstration after precision big data analysis to turn sales into virtual investment adviser which will be easier.

One famous engineering machinery company did an analysis. In the internet era, customers usually refuse to talk. Let's take phone review satisfaction as example, in 2012, the success rate is 80%; 2014, 55%. On the contrary, customers would like to communicate with enterprise by other ways, like website, WeChat, forum, micro blog, mailbox, Facebook and so on. If there is multimedia distributors' communication platform, there will be customers who would like to have a try. Considering from enterprise cost, with respect customers will, they can adopt all ways customer service platform to low down operating costs.

Therefore, VIPEAK will continually to get customers' cognition to company product by different way. To realize the seamless joint of customers relationship management with internet, customer liaison. When meeting different problems, customers can use different platform for product consulting, quotation and order, which can realize two-way communication and benign interaction, and in the same time, we can give quick feedback to customers complaint and avoiding negative word-of-mouth promotion.

In the internet era, VIPEAK will keep researching and exploring and put it into practice. We will strive to be the database in mining machinery industry in the near future.