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Warning of Mining Mill Deducting Process in Haze Days


In recent days, people have realized that dust pollution was damaging human's living environment with daze day's appearance. As for industrial powder manufacturers, dust pollution is a big troublesome. Because mill is the main equipment in mineral powder production, many manufacturers only pay close attention to mill quality, but neglected the importance of deducting equipment and the rigor of the mineral powder production line.
At the same time, we also learned that dust is inevitable in ore powder production process and it brings users great distress. However, we must face the problem because further technology can not prevent dust and completely eliminate damages on the environment and users in the production process. But what we can do is try to reduce dust emissions and leaves minimize dust pollution behind, which is a not only Powder manufacturer's goal but also powder milling machine manufacturer's pursuance.
In order to reduce dust pollution, we must make the dust clearly. As the saying goes know one's own strength and the enemy's is the sure way to victory. We can separate dust into many kinds because of different raw material. For example, it can be separated into organic dust, inorganic dust and mixed dust according to dust's physical and chemical characteristics. Mixed dust is the organic and inorganic dust mixed together by definition and it is the common dust.
There are two ways of dust appearance, one is mill production process is not rigorous leading dust leakage. As a milling machine manufacturer, Henan Vipeak Mining Machinery Co., Ltd thought that mill is highly used on powder market and others industry areas, so the equipment and technology must be rigorous, not only pay attention to the mill's quality but also mill's production line. It is necessary and timely to solve when there is dust leakage. For solving mill's dust leakage, we summarize the following points:
1, Check each pipeline's gaps in order to avoid environmental pollution caused by dust leaking from the gap.
2, Choose the most suitable dust collector, we can choose a wet dust collector when dust leakage seriously.
3, Record the comprehensive inspection of the equipment and the work in order to avoid loopholes
The other is dust come from normal production, and the common way is install a dust collector. Deducting is important for mill equipment, and the equipment can separated dust from flue gases named dust collector. The performance of dust collector can be expressed by the amount of gas, gases' power loss and dust collector's efficiency, and it also depends on the price, operating and maintenance costs, using lifetime and operation management.