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The Influence Factors of Irregular Wear and Lower Efficiency


As we all know, sand making machine is the core production equipment in cobble sand making and artificial sand making. Having high performance crushing and production capacity, it can satisfy sand and gravel aggregate demands in the construction and municipal building. Sand making line not only meets output and quality of construction's needs but also adapt mechanized construction's demands.

The efficiency of sand making equipment was reduced through external factors such as wind, sun and rain, or operational problem. Sand making machine's core components including bearings, shock block (also known as hammer), impact plate, body plate and rotor block. In order to produce the component's best foundation and extend the using lifetime, we must operate by the rules and regulations and know how to maintain and change.

Firstly, we should know the sand bearings. They are mainly used for connecting hammer with impact plate or strike plate, so that cooperate with motor finely. Moreover, crushers consist of many rotating device and drivers, so bearings are very important components. Lubricant and lubricating oil is the main technology in sand making machine's equipments, which can effectively reduce inter mechanical wear and improve the using lifetime.

Secondly, the way of solving sand production machine abrasion. how to find out the factors of Plate hammer's abrasion? We learned about sand processing capabilities also have some impact on the plate hammer abrasion except for the normal abrasion. When processing capacity increases, the output size will become coarse and the abrasion of units will reduce. Similarly, the size of the discharge gap can also change the thickness of output, and it also has some influence on the plate hammer abrasion.

In addition to the above situations, we must check it after putting into use. Sand making machine is as well. After a whole day's work, we should have a comprehensive inspection especially bearing enclosure, liner and counterattack liner. Adjusting the gap of rotor and counterattack liner can also effectively reduce abrasion.