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VK mobile crushing plant-"urban sanitation workers" in the new era


Reconstruction of old cities, road renovations, urban expansion ... With the development of modern cities, the amount of construction waste in China is increasing day by day. In the past, a large amount of construction waste was accumulated in corners of towns or was buried in suburban areas because it was not effectively treated. This method not only cannot completely solve the construction waste, but also brings new environmental problems: occupying land resources, causing dust pollution, polluting water resources, causing soil pollution etc.
Construction waste is also known as the "treasure" of misplacement. Although the construction waste treatment market in China is huge, the actual resource utilization situation is not optimistic. According to statistics, China ’s construction waste resource utilization rate is less than 5%. Compared with the EU countries ’annual resource utilization rate of more than 90%, South Korea and Japan ‘s construction waste resource utilization rate is as high as 95% or more. China ’s construction waste resource utilization is more significant For urgency.
In recent years, the state's attention to the scientific treatment and recycling of construction waste has been increasing, and the reuse of construction waste has become a new "hot industry". Vipeak VK mobile crushing plant helps the development of urbanization, contributes to the beautification of the city, and strives to be a "urban sanitation worker" in the new era.
The reasons to choose Vipeak VK mobile crushing plant:
1. Flexible operation, not restricted by site
Compared with the stationary production line, the VK mobile crushing plant is easy to assemble and convenient for mobile transportation. At the same time, the operating area is small and it is not constrained by the size of the site.
2. Variety of types for choice, suitable for a variety of operation options
There are four series of models for choice, suitable for soft, medium and high hardness materials. It can comprehensively cover various production needs such as coarse crushing, medium fine crushing, fine crushing and plastic screening, fine crushing sand washing, and independent operation. Individual needs.

3. Simple operation and low investment cost
The hydraulic lifting function is used for simple operation, no disassembly and installation is required for moving operations, saving a lot of manpower and material resources, and effectively reducing production costs.
4. More environmentally friendly and durable
A spray device is installed to effectively suppress dust. An optional dust-removing hood can be installed at the feeding part to meet environmental protection requirements. The use of alloy structural steel increases the load capacity of the car body and uses wear-resistant materials to effectively extend the service life of the equipment.
5. Safe, efficient and high quality
Add emergency shutdown power cabinets to reduce risks and make operations safer; use variable frequency feeding to improve production efficiency; targeted solution design, excellent product grain type, low powder content, and high quality of finished products.
Vipeak Smart Mining Machinery has rich experience in the field of construction waste disposal, and has devoted itself to many construction waste disposal projects in the country. Working together with all parties, we can contribute our own power for the realization of China's green development and sustainable development. To be the creator of the new era.