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2016-05-13 15:07Industry News

Vipeak Vertical Mill Help Slag To Realize "Beautiful Transformation"

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Slag vertical roller mills follow the pulverizing trend and are developed under the market orientation which have very mature grinding technology advantages and can produce excellent powder.At the same time, Vipeak can also make the scientific and reasonable configuration for the full process of the project according to the milling needs of customers.
The raw material of fine slag powder is an industrial waste from the blast furnace during the pig iron making process. Slag micro powder after the process of vertical mill has high performance and is the raw material of high quality concrete and cement.It not only can obviously improve the performance of concrete and cement, improve the quality of products, but also can greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises, improve the comprehensive performance and it has very wide use value in the powder enterprises .
As a new building material of high quality and excellent performance, slag micro powder is welcomed in the construction industry, and has highlighted application value especially in the concrete and cement industries. Slag powder mixed with concrete has the characters of  low hydration heat,corrosion resistance,strong cohesive force with rebar, high later strength,and anti-scaling,widely used in large buildings, dams, city road, underwater, haiphong, oil field, chemical anti-corrosion engineering, etc. The technology has been widely used in Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai and the pearl river delta and other places , and the product has broad market prospects.
As an important building material product, cement has been the important basic raw material in the construction of the national economy.The cement industry in China develops very fast.In particular, when superfine slag powder mixed into cement ,the performance of cement is improved greatly,which can save non-renewable limestone, coal resources,reduce large amounts of carbon dioxide released into environment, and can also greatly extend the service life of the building.So the application of superfine slag powder has great significance for the sustainable development of cement industry.
SQLM - Q2 series upper driven vertical mill can grind product of high hardness, high moisture, high fineness,which traditional Raymond mills and ball mills can not do. It will have great significance for realizing the large-scale production of various materials. It has very excellent technical advantages and features for grinding slag powder:
1. Continuous work ability: the working hours of a large equipment is one of the important indicators for evaluating equipment reliability. Non-stop automatic lubrication function, reliable temperature monitoring system,and the necessary auxiliary cooling system are the necessary guarantee for continuous three-shift work.SQLM - Q2 series upper driven vertical mill embodies more focus and more scientific and reasonable solution :the air-oil lubrication is adopted for self-lubrication and the first-class quality temperature sensor is used,which can ensure the reliable operation and planned equipment maintenance. 
2. The inner drying capacity of the grinding machine:the perfect lubrication and cooling way can guarantee grinding machine work continuously, planned maintenance. It can selectively get hot air or share with hot air with other continuous working production line to avoid heat loss of hot stove during unexpected downtime, which can make the grinding machine go with inner drying system more flexibly. The heat-resistant ability of the moving part in the mill is an important indicator for measuring drying effect, ultimately reflected on the roller assembly design.The best conclusion of optimizing design is that we adopt oil seal of rubber ingredients to ensure the reliable work .Fortunately, we found this kind of structure which is the important foundation for improving inner drying capacity of this mill.
3. The insurance function of spindle: shovel blade of ordinary mill stuck at work is one of important reasons of mill accident, especially can damage hanger, spindle and other important components with serious accident rate above 80%.Therefore insurance device set up between the shovel and spindle rotor can protect the spindle hanger and other important components when the shovel is instantly impacting materials ,which is one of the important functions of SQLM - Q2 series upper driven vertical mill(got formal patent). When the blade installed on the shovel plate encountering the foreign materials ,that will lead to clamping stagnation. Under the effect of great impact, safety pin connecting the blade carrier and shovel blade plate is clipped. Thus it can protect the safety of main shaft and other important components above blade carrier, and alert the control system at the same time to stop the machine immediately.
4. Multiple stiffness damping shock absorption function:the real control point for control of mechanical vibration is contact area and clearance between each movable joint,and thus multiple stiffness non-linear shock absorption damping element is designed.This design can effectively restrain much vibration from developing dangerous instability like resonance,and jumping,reduce vibration,and reduce the high frequency noise(got patent).For example,figure 5 shows huge difference between the new structure and the traditional design of the cross arm shaft part. The left side of Figure 5 shows the simple cooperation of the traditional cross arm shaft and roller bearing chamber and there exists  fit clearance. There also exists fit clearance between cross arm shaft and matching parts of SQLM-Q2 series upper driven vertical mill. However, when the cross arm shaft is shaking, only by conquering the sliding block tightly held by rubber spring,can it contact with the matching parts.The tight rubber spring replaces  small damping air gap,which has a great significance.
5. Auxiliary maintenance function:compared with each assembly weighing less than 1000 kg of small pendulum pulverizer,the weight of each assembly of SQLM-Q2 series upper driven vertical mill can reach more than 13000 kilograms. The maintenance way of traditional manual chain block encounters difficulties ,and thus maintenance support functions such as movement ,lift, automatic rising-lowering of parts become necessary
6.Remarkable energy-saving effect: the less number of rollers of SQLM-Q2 series upper driven vertical mill leads to less turbulent flow and better ventilation of air channel, conducive to reducing the power consumption of fan.The energy consumption of main engine and fan of the vertical mill is close to that of the traditional pendulum milling equipment .In many cases, the power configuration of fan is greater than that of main engine,but it is opposite for SQLM-Q2 series upper driven vertical mill whose main engine power is greatly higher than fan power.