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2016-03-07 15:05Industry News

Intelligent Designs Of Vipeak Mill Overturn The Tradition

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As the basis of powder material production equipments, grinding mills attract tremendous attention in the development of industry. As the new global industrial revolution is coming again, combining with modern electrical system, Vipeak makes innovative reference. With the advanced control method, under the principle of prevention and protection, and intelligent monitoring, Vipeak overturns the traditional design concept of operation and the control system of mills. The latest electrical system of Vipeak ‘s large grinding equipments for user to choose mainly includes information acquisition terminal, early warning transmission terminal, and control execution terminal, which finally realizes the integrated central control system and remote monitoring system of visual operation, and precise adjustment.

With the industrial controller as the core unit of the whole system, central control system reads the PLC (programmable controller) or ECS (mill expert control system) by communication transmission technology to collect status of field device. It can conduct visual adjustment according to materials, fineness and real-time performance of mill by monitoring corollary equipments and main components of grinding center to realize the most reasonable production indexes and the most reliable mill usability.

Remote monitoring system incorporates all mill equipments into the Internet of things. Wherever you are, just an Internet-connected computer can allow customers to check the running situation of equipments, historical records at any time, and it can also provide instant early warning service. When there is potential failure in mill equipments, it can timely notify the relevant personnel to stop the machine and overhaul, and provide remote mentoring service, conveniently, quickly and with no dead angle. Since the control system of all operation, maintenance, and setup module adopts programming module, to optimize the technological process and production system, you only need to modify the program or reprogram and increase or decrease the corresponding hardware facilities, so as to quickly achieve upgrade, and greatly save time, labor and materials costs.

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