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2015-09-16 18:18Industry News

Vipeak has a dialogue with "Made in China 2025" to accelerate the transformation and upgrade towards "Smart Technologies and Intelligent Manufacturing"

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The "Made in China 2025" issued by the state council in May this year said that the global pattern of manufacturing industry faces a major adjustment and domestic economic development environment will be greatly changed. We must seize the historical opportunity for manufacturing industry to upgrade China from a manufacturer of quantity to one of quality.
 The core of the "Made in China 2025" strategy is innovation-driven development. The main Line is the combination of industrialization and informatization. The main direction is intelligent manufacturing to achieve digitalization, networking and intellectualization of the manufacturing industry.
During the "China Mining Machinery Technology Development Forum" in July this year, "New Normal, New development and new manufacturing" becomes the core content of discussion by enterprise leaders and the industry experts attending the meeting. The experts believe that China's mining economic restructuring is deepening; the demand to upgrade the mining machinery technology will continue to increase; mining machinery equipments develop in the direction of automation and intelligence, integration and systematization , and greening   in the production and application process. As the pioneer of the mining machinery industry in the science and technology innovation, environmental protection and energy conservation. Vipeak heavy industry will also grasp the historical opportunity to transform and upgrade from traditional manufacturing to Internet + intelligent manufacturing and strive to build a strong manufacturing enterprise.

Strengthen Innovation-driven Development and Intelligent Manufacturing Leads Development
The manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy and the main battlefield of scientific and technological innovation. It is the foundation of one nation , a weapon of rejuvenating the country and the base of a strong power. Since its inception, Vipeak Heavy Industry always adheres to the developing the latest and most advanced technology, and develop the latest and most reliable products. Core competitiveness is strengthened through scientific and technological innovation. Vipeak continuously optimizes and improves the user experience in the field of improved productivity, energy conservation and emissions reduction, low operation cost, intelligent operation and innovative service etc by continuously upgrading the core technology products such as combined mobile crushing station, construction waste crushing station, HJC efficient jaw crusher, PFS impact crusher, the ZY series self-damping vibrating screen and  semi-mobile crushing station, YCV - S series hyperpressure V and Q series European reinforced mill , SQLM type upper-driven type vertical mill. They have the absolute leading technology advantage among the current crushing and grinding equipments, and will play a huge function in the large-scale crushing, sand making, and industrial coal pulverizing area to the contribution of "made in China 2025" construction process.

The Quality And Brand Are The Important Connotation of New Ddvantages for Manufacturing Enterprises
In the era of economic globalization, the quality and brand have become the symbols of core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry and even the nation. They represent the country's reputation and image. Reports from the18th Party Congress says that we should ensure that development is based on improved quality and performance. We should promote forming a new competence advantage with technology, brand, quality and service at its core. The quality and brand represent the degree of products to meet customer needs and represent the market competitiveness. "Quality first", in essence, is customers’ demand first and market competition first, which embodies the important thought that the market determines the allocation of resources. In early 2015,the first phase of Vipeak heavy industry Mechanical processing park in Xiuwu with an area of more than 260 mu was successfully put into production. The hardware of the factory and processing capacity are doubled. The grinding and sand production systems are combined together. Make an effort to integrate the resources. Improve and refine the production process. Strictly carry out 6s management law.  Strengthen quality control. Put all efforts towards creating high quality brand image. All members from the company deeply comprehend the requests and instructions given by Governor Xie Fuzhan during the company research. We should master core technology, and closely combine the production and service. We should do well in both the front-end manufacturing, and back-end marketing services, and seize the domestic and foreign markets together. We have bucked the trend. According to the data analysis by the end of August, annual sales in 2015 rise by almost 40% compared with the same period last year.
General manager Ning also stresses at the marketing work conference for the first half of 2015 that we are in the industrial electronic information age 3.0, industrial age 4.0 from wisdom factory to intelligent production will need our long time to pursue and achieve. We shall realize informationization, industrialization and intelligence of products manufacturing. The future will belong to environmentally friendly and intelligent equipments. Our goal is to do the most energy saving, environmentally friendly and the most beautiful products, and to create the best marketing environment. We should rely on technology, experience and efforts of all members, always adhere to innovation, through constant technical upgrade unearth the new market opportunity to step into a journey full of glory and realize Vipeak’s dream.