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2011-12-21 16:09Industry News

Vipeak series mills successfully seize the commanding point of the fly ash market

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The annual meeting of fly ash professional committee of China association of comprehensive resources utilization and the 2011 high-level technical BBS of the comprehensive utilization of fly ash are held in Dezhou, Shandong smoothly on November 26-27. The conference aims to further promote the comprehensive utilization of fly ash, sums up the experience of the "11th five-year plan" of comprehensive utilization and focuses on the tendency "twelfth five-year plan". The comprehensive utilization of fly ash is bound to become the focus of the "twelfth five-year" progress in bulk solid waste comprehensive utilization and development of circular economy.
   In recent years, under the effort of the national policy guidance, tax incentives and technological progress, the comprehensive utilization of fly ash has increased significantly. It not only maintains a good momentum in the production of cement and new wall materials, but also is widely used in construction projects such as highways. At the same time it also has a breakthrough in the utilization way of new and high technology and high added value. Using fly ash to produce paper, especially the wrapping paper, has a good market. Due to raw material structure and the environmental effect, the paper made from fly ash can reduce the cost by up to 50%(varies according to the product requirements and materials structure) with high added value profits. From fly ash superfine fiber preparation, papermaking, to recycling or waste degradation, this forms a green circle, coordinated with the environment without polluting the environment. Compared with the traditional technique of paper making, paper making by fly ash can save the water and wood, and reduce the waste water discharge by the wood pulp papermaking.The technology is a revolution of structure adjustment of raw materials of paper making, which can create significant economic benefits, environmental benefits and social benefits.
   Vipeak Heavy Industry, a well-known milling equipment research and development manufacturer, aims at promoting the comprehensive utilization of fly ash, improving resource utilization efficiency, saving energy and protecting the environment, and achieving the purpose of economic benefit, environmental benefit and social benefit. Vipeak, in view of the domestic market demand, based on the comprehensive introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad, combines with nearly 30 years experience in advanced design and manufacturing of mill and thus develops the Q5 European Ultra-fine Mill , European open-type mill and Q4 European crank arm mill with the advantages of the production capacity and fineness. These series mills adopt reasonable and reliable structure design, with advanced technological process, crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection, transmission in a body. The main technical and economic indicators have reached the international advanced level. Such intensive cultivation provides the customers with a more rational choice, and this technology as a grinding way of high efficiency and energy saving has played a positive role in promoting the comprehensive utilization of fly ash. And Vipeak Heavy Industry with outstanding product performance, first-class quality, perfect service, rapidly seizes the commanding point of the fly ash market.