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2017-09-18 17:40Company News

VIPEAK Products Takes Root in the Asia-Pacific Markets; EPC Project Lands in Laos

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At the beginning of 2017, in order to adapt to the change in market demand at home and abroad and better provide customers with a comprehensive, professional and timely services, our company has fully promoted the EPC integrated contracting services. In China,Verified by practice, a very mature model and successful case with the shortest time, the lowest cost and the highest quality has won the praise from many new and old customers. Recently, we brought this service mode abroad to serve our friendly neighbor, Laos. 

Located in the Indo-China Peninsula, Laos is rich in mineral resources. This time, the client cooperated with us in the ball mill production line project which mainly processes fly ash. In response to the actual needs of customers and the details of the project, the backbone of technology and after-sales installation team is gathered to ensure the smooth progress of this project.

At the end of August---the hottest time of the year, after the early communication with customers about the site, our after-sales installation team went to the site with the company's expectations and responsibilities to our customers. The technicians exclaimed it was incredulously simple that people can reach the country just by bus with two chapters covered in the gateway. On the afternoon of the arrival, despite the fatigue from the long journey, a small team of five people began to count the goods, set up the installation plan and discuss the equipment of tools and consumables. They were united and closely coordinated to tell us "roll up our sleeves to work harder" is no longer a slogan. The progress and quality of the project and the guarantee of the construction period are the best response to the company and the customers.

With the increasing sophistication of manufacturing in China, more and more foreign partners have recognized and selected Chinese products. Under the influence of VIPEAK development mission--- "to provide high value-added products and services for customers", which passed by word of mouth, more domestic and foreign customers always choose to believe VIPEAK. Our customers spread all over Uzbekistan, Russia, Kenya, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, Philippines, Mongolia, Spain and Pakistan. They traveled thousands of miles to China to come to VIPEAK, just because they believe that VIPEAK is the best. Therefore we have the responsibility to maintain the trust with innovative and high-quality products and sincere service. VIPEAK EPC project integrated contracting services can conform to the market environment and meet the needs of users. At the same time, it also can fully provide customers with more abundant additional revenue and improve the rate of return, which is another move to improve the quality of service.

"There must be someone shoulders the responsibility so that we can live easily". Thanks to the efforts of VIPEAK people working in sales, production line and customer site. We believe that in the near future, through the joint effort, we can proudly say:" The exported products of VIPEAK can circle around the earth!"