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Flowing production line - perfect combination to make sand

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As natural sand is so rare and expensive, the artificial sand is still very popular. Although market demand is tight and quality of gravel is uneven, VIPEAK builds a highly efficient sand production solution relying on rich market experience and advanced technology. To cater to the business needs, the products are sold at home and abroad and widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries.

VIPEAK sand making production line includes a broken family of coarse crushing , secondary crushing, and fine crushing members. The combination of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, multi-cylinder cone crusher, VSI new type sand making machine and circular vibrating screen has a clear division of responsibilities. The production line that has been put into production is living and thriving in different landmarks, and continuously produces resources and creates value for customers. Flowing production lines---beautiful production lines, each performs different wonders.

Working principle

The stone is evenly delivered to the jaw crusher through vibrating feeder for coarse crushing. The material after coarse crushing is fed into the sand making machine by belt conveyor for further crushing. Then the crushed material is conveyed to the vibrating screen to be screened. Next the material that meets the requirements of finished particle size is sent into the sand washer for cleaning. After cleaning, the finished products will be delivered by the finished conveyor belt. Those that fail to meet the requirements can be returned from the vibrating screen back to the sand making machine to be reprocessed , and the closed-circuit cycle is formed. Final particle size can be combined and graded according to the user's requirements. If you choose dry production process, it can be equipped with dust removing equipment and separator which can separate coarse powder and fine powder.

Supporting Equipment
1.Vibrating feeder

(1) Grid section: the grate gap can be adjusted according to the actual situation, and a replaceable guard plate is arranged on the grid section, so as to facilitate maintenance and increase the service life of the main body.
(2) Gear: high - strength and high - precision gear is used to ensure reliable and stable operation of the equipment.
(3) Motor: the motor adopts the national well-known brand, or users can specify motor such as Siemens and so on.
(4) Oil content indicator: the use of Oil content indicator is convenient for users to see the location of lubricants.

(1) Compact structure and unique design: Unique sealed jaw head to ensure the extension of bearing life; unique flywheel design to effectively reduce vibration, so that the machine is running more smoothly.
(2) Discharge adjusting device: the adjustment device of gasket type discharging port is reliable and convenient. The adjustment range is large, which increases the flexibility of the equipment.
(3) High efficiency, energy saving and long service life:  the crushing cavity is deep and there is no dead zone, improving the feeding capacity and the output; it features large crushing ratio and  uniform finished product size; entirely new oil circuit design which supports the use of pumps makes the  operation and maintenance easier and more efficient.
(4) Overall casting and high safety factor: adopt integral casting and assembly technology to make it fit perfectly with the frame and increase the radial intensity.
(5) Hydraulic adjustment: The discharging mouth of hydraulic type  effectively reduces labor intensity and improves labor efficiency. 

3. Multi - cylinder cone crusher

(1) Reasonable structure, reliable operation: low operation cost;  laminating crushing and excellent final particle shape; instead of adopting the traditional single particle crushing principle, the special crushing cavity with intergranular lamination principle and its corresponding rotational speed realizes the selective crushing of the material, improves the proportion of the fine material and the content of the cube are greatly improved, and reduces the acicular material to a great extent.        
(2) Hydraulic protection: hydraulic adjustment and overload protection greatly improves the operation level of cone crusher, features simpler maintenance, more convenient operation and shorter downtime; two-way hydraulic cylinder of HP series cone crusher is able to let the iron block pass through the crushing chamber;. the cone crusher can can hydraulic jacking and automatically discharge in the case of over iron and instantaneous dead halt.
(3) Thin oil lubrication: greatly increases service life of the equipment.
(4) Convenient maintenance: only need to replace the fixed cone lining board and the movable cone lining board;the crushing cavity type can be arbitrarily changed from ultra-coarse cavity to the the short-head ultra-fine cavity, so as to meet the requirements of a wide range of product granularity.
(5) Large Crushing ratio and high efficiency: at the same rated power as before, HP crusher with the combination of higher speed and stroke can  reduce energy consumption and wear, and improve the crushing ratio and production efficiency.

4.VSI new type sand making machine

(1) Stone-crash- stone and stone-crash-iron crushing types: a variety of crushing methods to meet the crushing need for different material.
(2) Double oil pump design: only one oil pump works in normal use. When the pressure and flow rate fail to reach the set value or when the first oil pump goes out of order, the second one is automatically opened to ensure the normal operation of the main engine.
(3) Hydraulic lifting arm:  greatly reduces maintenance costs.
(4) Constant bearing temperature: the bearing temperature is constant and the oil pump is automatically circulated, ensuring that the temperature in the bearing cylinder is similar to that of oil in the tank, and preventing it from being frozen in winter.

5. Circular vibrating screen

(1) The Rubber vibration isolation spring : long service life, lower noise, and stable resonance area. 
(2) Motor: high-quality motor to ensure stable operation of the machine.
(3) Eccentric shaft vibration exciter: adopt a cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and a partial block to adjust the amplitude; easy to use and maintenance.
(4) Screen: use spring steel woven mesh or punched screen deck; long Service life; not easy to plug the hole. 
(5) Easy to maintain: simple structure;  easy to change the screen surface.
Application Case

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