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2017-07-08 10:28Company News

The Highway Has Opened the "Through Train" and Aggregate Demand Grows More and More

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As the gradual implementation of “The Belt and Road ”, a large number of national key construction projects and along the country and regional infrastructure projects increase dramatically, of which the highway construction project is a blowout situation rapid growth, not only does it warm China and the surrounding infrastructure market, but also machinery industry once again usher in a new opportunity for development, providing a sustained development momentum for construction machinery enterprises.

2017 National Transportation Work Conference pointed out that the main objectives of road work in this year, which include highway, water transport to complete the fixed assets investment of 1.8 trillion yuan, 5,000 kilometers of new highways, new construction of rural roads 200,000 kilometers, new poverty areas 7,000 building a village through hardening road. With the national policy to promote, the provinces and cities nationwide highway construction project plan has been launched, the first half of 2017 highway construction fruitful, made significant progress. There is no doubt that the current golden period of the development of the highway, led to the aggregate of sand and gravel, mining and other industries, but also for the gravel aggregate mining equipment manufacturing enterprises have brought opportunities and challenges.

Aggregate as the best material for road construction, highway construction has a higher standard in quality on it, but it also means that the sand making equipment for production of aggregate haves higher quality requirements. Only the quality performance of sand machine equipment production reached the standard, the production of aggregates can achieve a satisfactory effect. Therefore the sand making equipment manufacturing enterprises need to put forward higher requirements. Enterprises can only continue to improve product quality, improve service quality, at the technological frontier, and quickly take a tour of high-speed train. They can satisfy the demands of the market and keep up with the industry.

"Hear in the heart, practice in the action", no matter how good the goal and blueprint are , if not practice, it will only be an illusion. President Xi said on "The Belt and Road" International Cooperation Forum: the road comes out; the cause is fought out. Depending on the spirit of hard, Vipeak Heavy Industries conquers the market and customers. 5X sand making machine is researched and manufactured by Vipeak. It is the core of the domestic and foreign construction, mining, metallurgical industry and the fields of expressway, railway, bridge, hydropower, mineral grinding and machine sand industry. The series of sand making machine running low cost, high yield, high yield, finished stone particle size uniform, with intelligent and efficient, easy to operate, easy to maintain and other advantages, can be widely used in all over the highway aggregate production, which is the best equipment for the production of sand.

The development of highway construction is related to the whole transport corridor of the whole country, and the rapid development of highway and the high standard of quality requirements also increase the demand for aggregate of sand and gravel, higher quality requirements. Vipeak has always been committed to manufacturing high efficiency, high standards and high quality practical machinery. Faced with market opportunities and challenges, Vipeak seize the opportunity to continuously develop and improve the production of aggregate equipment, and makes a contribution to the national high-speed cause.