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2017-07-07 09:25Company News

Full Analysis of Vipeak Hyper Pressure V-type Grinder Mill

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Preface:It takes a few days for a mechanical part to be polished, several months for a machine to be successfully delivered, and several years for a patented machine to be successfully researched and developed. Time is the best touchstone. As the very important machine of VIPEAK, Hyper Pressure V-type Grinder has crossed the time, successfully running to the track set by VIPEAK. Mastering the new situation, focusing on the new posture, and unlocking the new features, VIPEAK is on the road.

V-type Grinder of Vipeak Heavy Industry: Let data speak; have glory in itself.

Hyper Pressure V-type Grinder of Vipeak Heavy Industry has the glory of possessing a number of patented products. Since the data is the most convincing evidence, it neither do self-talking nor blow its own trumpet. With its own superior performance, VIPEAK V-type Grinding Mill is widely used in the medium fine process of non-flammable, non-explosive materials which is less than 9.3 in Moh’s hardness, 6% in moisture, like metallurgy, building materials , chemical, mining, paper, rubber and other industries. It’s own star rack and V-type grinding roller designation can increase its production by 30%.  And the smallest final size can be reached to 800 mesh with new cage analyzer. It maybe said that this kind of grinder is gifted in many ways and  has its own unique features.
V-type Grinder of Vipeak Heavy Industry: Break the bonds of convention; have great originality.

European Type High Pressure Ultrafine Grinder is a new-type grinding equipment which is the latest design of our R&D Department with many years of using experience which break the traditional design concept. Compared with the traditional High Pressure Ladder-shaped Grinder, High Pressure Hanging Roller Grinder, Pendulum Mill, it owns a number of advantages. With the distinctive appearance of the product and the inherent structure, it is superior to and go beyond the conventional equipment.
V-type Grinder of Vipeak Heavy Industry :Let data speak; have glory in itself.

Advantage 1: star rack and V-type grinding roller designation
It transfers the centrifugal force into grinding force. That is to say, centrifugal force equals grinding force. The Roller Parallel swing around the vertical roller assembly, making the roller compress outside to the ring, thus ensure that the roller and ring has maximum surface contact, which increases its production by 30%.

Advantage 2: New classifier
The smallest final size can be reached to 800 mesh with this new cage classifier(optional).

Advantages 3: Balanced energy storing device
Adding the balanced energy storage device, it improves rigidity of the equipment. With stable and reliable performance, it ensures the efficient operation of equipment and also effectively reduces the amplitude of equipment at the same time. This advantage is more prominent in the production of fine powder or ultra-fine powder.

Advantages 4: Spherical supporting structure
Unique "spherical support" structure makes the roller assembly run safely for a long time after the swing structure of the transverse arm shaft is improved to a vertical pendulum structure.

There is no shortage of flowers and applause on the way forward. Vipeak, whose young heart has never stopped beating, has been constantly breaking the self limitations and the shackles of technology to meet the challenges of the market. As a patented product of Vipeak Heavy Industry, European Type High Pressure Ultrafine Grinder realizes technical breakthrough . It is responsible for shaping the business card of  VIPEAK mill , and bear the mission of being spokesperson of VIPEAK mill. It will also fulfill the mission and go together with VIPEAK to create new outstanding achievements in the future.