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2017-06-07 08:48Company News

VK Integrated Mobile Crushing Plant of Vipeak Group Provide Support for the Belt and Road Initiative

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During One Belt and One Road construction, China has put infrastructure construction into a key project and signed a series of relevant documents with many countries, which vigorously promote the smooth implementation of B&R along the country's infrastructure projects. There is a total population about 4.4 billion along the way, the total economic output of about 21 trillion US dollars, accounting for about 63% and 29% of the world. Regardless of the total population or the total economic volume, they are pregnant with great business opportunities.

Along the way more than 60 countries are mostly emerging economies and developing countries, mostly in the period of economic growth. Whether from domestic demand or future regional economic cooperation point of view, these countries for infrastructure construction needs extremely strong, according to the plan, the next 10 years, infrastructure investment will reach 5 billion yuan. Therefore One Belt and One Road construction infrastructure construction is an important focus of development. Taking Chinese built in carrying out the Belt and Road project as an example, along the way built 10,320 kilometers of roads, 152 bridges, 95 deep-water berths, 10 airports, which need numerous building materials to support. Secondly, in the process of demolition and construction, inevitably a large number of construction waste will be produced, which has become a problem to be solved in the development of many countries.

Vipeak, as a professional manufacturer of crushing equipment, since 2009 focused on mobile crushing station R & D and production, its equipment has sold at home and abroad, which add power for the country's key infrastructure projects. With the mobile crushing station technology constantly updated and upgraded, in recent two years the company has launched a wide range of the integration of mobile crushing stations favored by customers, especially in 2017, hot marketing, front-line good news, in order to ensure rapid increase order quantity shipped as scheduled, the factory overtime to produce machine, then delivery, which presents a prosperous scene.

VK-3 series of integrated mobile crushing plant performance advantages:
1. The series of mobile crushing station is the development of our company launched a series of innovative rock crushing equipment, greatly expanding the rough crushing, crushing operations concept areas. The integral design of feeding, crushing, screening and conveying has large crushing ratio, large processing capacity, high efficiency, economy and strong adaptability. It is widely used in the crushing process of building sand, stone aggregate and the regeneration treatment of construction waste.

2. PFS series high-efficiency impact crusher is the main plant, which is designed by our engineers combining with the latest advanced technology of international, a new breakthrough in the field of mine crushing equipment, The maximum feed can reach 1,000 mm, compared to traditional impact crusher, crushing ratio is substantial increase in adjust the special device can be broken in a level and between the two pieces of free conversion, to ensure that the unique resistance to break the advantages of grain while significantly increasing production, The current crushing equipment in the field of the most advanced crushing equipment. In the past need to be composed of two modular mobile stations and two crushing equipment to complete the broken operation, now only an integrated crushing screening station to complete, greatly reducing the customer investment and operating costs, which is the most cost performance in the industry.

3. Equipment control more intelligent, user-friendly, advanced and reasonable design, fully consideration the use and maintenance operations intensity and time, the introduction of the box in the open, hydraulic Kai-top device, maintenance and design of intelligent design, quickly complete maintenance and vulnerability replacement parts, convenient and quick.

4. Heavy hull structure, hydraulic and mechanical two sets of support systems, self-contained conveyor, the effective elimination of crushing sites, the environment, complex basic configuration to bring customers broken operations obstacles for mobile transition operations; the system can also be configured to adjust the size of the water spray system, which can reduce the dust in the operation.

In recent years, in the field of gravel aggregate processing and construction waste resource, mobile crushing plant has become the first choice for many users because of its flexibility and convenience. At present, the effect of Vipeak integrated mobile crushing plant has a good response at home and abroad. Welcome all merchant friends to visit and choose.