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Limestone Desulfurizer in Power Plant


The raw material silo uses an underground silo in this site, eliminating the tedious process of frequent feeding by forklifts; the frequency belt feeder and the equipment main machine current are interlocked in real time to ensure that the equipment performs in the best state; the main equipment is strengthened type, effectively absorb the vibration generated during operation of the equipment. It is of high capacity, stable operation, low voice and robust performance.

Limestone which meet the feed specifications are uniformly and quantitatively sent to the YGMXO190-Q4 European type strenght grinding mill by a variable frequency belt feeder for grinding. The qualified products are collected by the bypass double cyclone powder collector, and then lifted by the bucket elevator to the finished product bin. The unqualified materials fall back to the main machine for re-grinding, and the entire system is in a closed cycle. It is equipped with a pulse bag dust collector to collect excess gas and fine dust in the return air to achieve dust-free operation in the workshop.

case introduction

Configuration Parameter

Major equipment
  • European type strenght Y-Type grinding mill
  • It is a new type high-efficiency and high-end grinder designed by Vipeak engineers by combining client demands with actual performances.
  • Compared with traditional suspension pendulum grinders such as Raymond mill, high pressure pendulum mill or trapezoid mill in the market,
  • this V-type grinder has many advantages, including constant and stable working area, bigger grinding force,
  • higher capacity and lower energy consumption per hour. The V type grinder has obtained a number of patents.
  • Frequency conversion belt feeder
  • Belt conveyor can be used as a link between continuous production machinery and equipment to achieve continuity and automation of
  • production, improve productivity and reduce labor intensity. Widely used in the transportation and production lines of mining, metallurgy,
  • chemical, foundry, building materials and other industries.
  • Pulse dust collector
  • It is a high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly equipment developed by Vipeak R&D staff on the basis of long-term experience in mining crushing
  • and grinding equipment, dust collecting and powder collecting fields. It can meet the increasingly strict requirements of dust emission
  • standards at home and abroad.


Recommend Products

Product introduction

The raw material silo uses an underground silo, which eliminates the tedious process of frequent feeding by forklifts.

The frequency conversion belt feeder and the equipment host current are interlocked in real time to ensure that the equipment performs in the best state.

The main equipment is reinforced, Effectively absorb the vibration generated by the equipment during high-output operation, stable operation, reliable and durable.

  • Application Field

    Glass grinding, rubber, pesticide, enamel, paint, phosphate fertilizer, papermaking and other chemical industries

  • Processing Material


  • YCV Strength Hyper Pressure Grinder

    Capacity +30% than Raymond mill

  • case particulars recommended

    Belt Conveyor

    Low price and high quality

  • DMC Pulse Bag Dust Catcher

    Strict environmental protection

Configuration Parameter


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